Introducing: Peace & Quiet

Founded by Ashley and Christion Lennon, the Los Angeles-based label Peace & Quiet has just arrived HBX for the first time. Inspired by the stillness of nature and to promote wellness in life, the brand produces minimalistic, unisex apparel and accessories in neutral-toned colorways. The latest collection encompasses a logo-laden, cozy array of hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts, as well as caps and tote bags, available in hues of white, black, olive green, and beige. Scroll through our editorial to take a closer look at the range and shop below

Embracing nature’s simplicity and grounding its designs with an earthy aesthetic, key Peace & Quiet pieces include the Natural T-Shirt and Natural Crewneck Sweatshirt which can be seen with dark green verbiage on the front. Another highlight is the MOPQ T-shirt, an abbreviation of Museum of Peace & Quiet. Offered in black and white, the silhouette is detailed with subtle branding at the chest, alongside a contrast “Contemporary Adults” graphic at the back. Similarly, the Indoor Voices Long Sleeve T-shirt features a front label, and oversized messaging “Shhhhh… Indoor Voices” at the back. Other designs from the leisure company are the MOPQ Hoodie and MOPQ Tote Bag, alongside the Warped Wordmark Cap in olive green and cream

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