Introducing Ssense Works With Jeremy O. Harris


The Inaugural Collaboration Between SSENSE And Our Creative Community

Every story wants an arc, and needs a season. In this moment, SSENSE WORKS invites you to explore an emblematic tribute for narrative discovery—an evolving dynamic between SSENSE and our creative community. We are proud to announce the playwright, polymath, and cover star of the Fall/Winter edition of SSENSE Magazine, Jeremy O. Harris, as our inaugural collaborator.

As told to writer and critic Doreen St. Félix, Jeremy’s relationship to clothing is a passion: he builds meaning out of materials. The collection, available now, is inspired by the Black writers known as a source of joy and heritable influence: the spirit of Zora Neale Hurston’s writing, the sound of Ethel Waters’ singing, the colors of Jacob Lawrence’s paintings and the textures of Carl Van Vechten’s photos. Drawing on the styles of his friends and colleagues, like the director Janicza Bravo and the photographer Tyler Mitchell, the collection captures Jeremy’s rich, prismatic style. Intimate and personal, universal and communal—these clothes carry their contradictions with the depth of true talent.

With an accompanying film by director Joshua Kissi, we see the full range of the collection: a variety of silhouettes and a mixture of fabrics, from jersey paired to workwear. If, as Jeremy’s plays suggest, all the world’s a stage, then these designs are the wardrobe. If, as Jeremy’s writing speaks, every conversation becomes a dialogue, then search these clothes for your monologue: a script stitched into your sleeve. If, as Jeremy’s fans know, that genre is just the mood, then here is where our heartstrings will find our climatic romance.

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