Kith for Columbia 2022 Lookbook


Kith and Columbia Sportswear debut Kith for Columbia 2022, their newest 45-piece collection of apparel and accessories inspired by the outdoor lifestyle and interpreted through the Kith lens. This marks the sixth installment of the partnership and the continuous EEA (Element Exploration Agency), which stands as the cornerstone for a spectrum of performance product that includes apparel, footwear, and accessories designed with select iconic sportswear brands.

The collection features iconic Columbia technology throughout while imagined throughout the Kith lens. Vibrant shades serve as the primary color palette from within the natural world, seeing quarter zips featuring landscape-inspired color blocking in earthy primary shades of Red Hibiscus, Sanguine, and Cyber Purple, alongside elemental graphic tee shirts which range between neutral whites and sea salt tan to cyber purple and bright gold.

The assortment utilizes a mix of weather-friendly nylons & meshes. The key styles of the Henry’s Fork™ V vest, Chuting™ II Jacket, Pants & Riptide Windbreaker adds elements of utility to the Kith wardrobe. Elsewhere, the new Fleece Short recalls Kith’s ongoing landscape motif, rendered here in an enzyme stone washed cotton fleece.

Rounding out the offering is an outdoor-oriented accessory offering, with an option for both active and leisurely outdoor wear including the Coolhead™ II Zero Booney Hats with adjustable drawcords and a back toggle, Omni-Freeze™ Zero Bandanas and Shredder™ II Hat, each offered in a selection of three colorways pulling from the collection’s palette.

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