Nike Acg Take Us on a Virtual Field Trip for Holiday Aw20


Mining inspiration from Oregon’s beautiful Smith Rock State Park, Nike ACG encapsulate the wondrousness of the natural world. Taking us on a virtual field trip through the wilds of the Portland’s High Desert, the Beaverton brand’s outdoor appeal is deeply rooted in this breathtaking location.

A celebration of Smith Rock’s natural beauty, ACG’s Holiday AW20 collection pays homage to the awe-inspiring Smith Rock tuff – formed 30 million years ago from volcanic rock, ash and debris. With graphics adapted from rock shadings and a key pieces, such as the Misery Ridge GORE-TEX Jacket, named after the iconic hiking trails that spread across the site, ACG ensure that Smith Rock’s history is both reflected and honoured in this offering of multi-layered apparel and accessories.

Aligning with Nike’s Move to Zero initiative, 85% of ACG’s latest collection is constructed from more than 90% recycled materials – ensuring that not only is the beauty and enriching nature of the outdoors appreciated, but that the experience is interwoven with a more environmentally conscious approach.

Effortlessly balancing performance and sustainability, ACG continue to deliver a resounding statement on the future of outdoor clothing. Encapsulating their passion for the world outside of the city, Nike showcase a vision that treats Mother Earth with respect while offering the brand’s distinctive aesthetic, hardwearing functionality for exploring the world and versatility to be worn when returning to the metropolis.

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