Special Release: #FR2 x Roar “Love and Peace” Capsule

#FR2 returns for a concise line up of western-inspired pieces in collaboration with Japanese label roarguns. Spanning a range of black hoodies, hats and T-shirts, roarguns’ logo of crossed revolvers are emblazoned across each piece, decorated in a bevy of woven patches, screen prints and vivid modding. One standout piece is the #FR2 x roarguns BACK GUN Hoodie. The familiar “Smoking Kills” box logo slogan is tweaked slightly to read differently. At the back, metallic rivets outline the peacemakers, detailing shiny ruby-colored crystals along the handles and neutral-toned accents at the barrels. The words “Roaring” and “Rabbits” are printed at the sleeves. Other pieces like the roarguns × #FR2 SHOOTING KILLS T-shirt, cap and FXXK GUNS Hoodie round out the assemblage.

Releasing at 11PM EST, Apr 11. Download our app to be notified of the release and click here to read more about #FR2.

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