Stone Island Shadow Project Black Cotton-Nylon Poplin Down Jacket


The ‘Shadow Project’ platform is Stone Island’s specialist line which pioneers innovation in fabric technology with a particular emphasis on performance and functionality. The Stone Island Shadow Project cotton-nylon poplin jacket from their latest menswear collection is a testament to this very philosophy, with some of the most unique and inventive design elements we’ve ever seen in a garment.


The showcase feature is the ‘encase’ Velcro panel located at the centre, which plays host to a myriad of pockets and hidden compartments to store your small essentials. It may seem like a pretty arbitrary design choice at first glance, but having stress tested it for an evaluation in practicality, there is a surprising amount of convenience that comes from storing your personal paraphernalia so close to your chest. It somehow makes it feel like everything is just that little bit closer to your person and subsequently less of a chore to access.

Add to this the ability to remove the sleeves completely for a gilet alternative and a handful of other pragmatic features such as the ‘anti-drop formula’ finish for keeping dirt and water at bay and you are presented with a powerhouse in experimental design and technical innovation. To really pull off the utilitarian look that personifies the Stone Island Shadow Project aesthetic, wear yours with their convert cargo pants and Chelsea boots.

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