Y-3 Prepare for Colder Climes With AW21 Chapter 2


Journeying from the city into nature, Yohji Yamamoto’s avant-garde sportswear brand places protection and santuary at the forefront.

Presenting the second chapter of their AW21 collection, Y-3 expand on the thematic journey they first set out on earlier this year, continuing their voyage from the city to nature.

Exploring the theoretical dialectics of insulation and innovation, surrealism and subversion, the Yohji Yamamoto-designed brand adapt the concept of the “Cocoon”, creating garments that offer protection, transporting the wearer to a fantasy world.

Providing sanctuary from ice, snow and the harsh reality of Mother Nature, the collection’s apparel is defined by the aesthetic of enveloping beauty. Bold garments constructed with sumptuous downs and ergonomic materials combine, ensuring the brand’s seasonal theme remains in the forefront.

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